Gerry's 1940 Chevrolet

My website tracks a nine-year journey in the restoration of my car "Ruby", to preserve a piece of automotive history.

The Project is Done
Somewhere along the way we began to affectionately refer to the car as "Ruby."  While others would pull out photos of their grandchildren as we all do, we also would proudly share our project with anyone who would listen.  While talking on the phone with our son who lives in Seattle, I mentioned on a show we had Ruby in.     Oh, he said, "I didn't know you gave your old car a name!"  He's into computers not cars.

We took our first real drive in Ruby to Canyon Lake in the legendary Superstition Mountains, about 95 miles round trip.  We figured that was the longest drive that car had been on in over 45 years!  The car ran great, not a single problem, and attracted much attention wherever we stopped.  What I really noticed, . . . when you drive at 45 miles an hour, you enjoy the drive and more of the scenery.  

In the Pixar movie Cars, they describe a road trip from 60 years ago; "you didn't drive to make great time, but you drove to have a great time and enjoy the trip".  A road trip is not all about the destination, but it's also about the journey.  This movie has a great story to tell about a time gone by on "The Mother Road" Route 66, right here in Arizona.


You learn when you are restoring a car that people think you have lots of money.  The men you work with, your neighbors, and even the guy you deal with at the parts store, all think you are loaded!  When people ask why it took me over eight years to complete the restoration, the answer is simple.  You save some money, then you do a little work, and repeat the process over and over, so it does take a little longer when you do it this way.                                                                                                                                  

If you are married, all the family expenses come before the old car.  The good news is the entire family always knows they can find something to give you for Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas.  Thus, my steering wheel, hub caps, etc. etc. 

I have received many first place awards in shows over the last several years!  My car has been featured in Hemmings Classic Car magazine, August 2012 issue and VCCA Generator & Distributor magazine, July 2012. My car also appeared in the film 100 Years of Chevrolet which has shown on Discovery, Velocity Channel. 

Restoring this car has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  Many people who see my Chevy at shows thank me for the work I have done in restoring it.  For some, it's a time to reflect and remember memories from their past and for others it's just to show their children how cars used to be made. 


After almost 10 years the restoration of Ruby is complete.  The restoration of old cars has given way to the building street rods.  Finding an a car to restore takes time and research, but they are still out there. The restoration of an original car will preserve its history for people to see and touch the quality and craftsmanship of cars made during a different time. 

  I am here to tell anyone considering a car restoration to help preserve automotive history; if I can do it anyone can do it.  You do what you can yourself, and out source the rest to people you can trust.  Readily available are periodicals, national club chat rooms, and multiple internet sites regardless of the make and model you choose.  Under the Help & Support tab I have listed many resources available to you today.

My memories of restoring this old Chevrolet are priceless!  People have asked me about investing this much money in a car, well for sure it will do better than my 401k!  Oh, about the price; well, my wife and I have agreed to never talley up the total cost of the restoration, but we are certain it exceeds the original selling price of the car which was $802.00!

I know Henry would be proud of his car - as beautiful today as when it came off the assembly line at the
GM Plant in Oakland over 70 years ago.

Gerry & Nancy Ashland                       



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